Friday, January 2, 2015


The Sweet-PinUp tags and tuts on this blog
were made by our CT during 2014.
However, the kits used for most of these can no longer be found
at the SPU link that is listed with the tag/tut.
But here's the GOOD NEWS!!
Most of the designers can be found at these stores:

I was the CT Manager at SPU.
In November 2014, when the SPU links used on this blog became invalid,
I decided to leave this blog up.
Our CT spent many hours creating beautiful tags/tuts for you.
I just couldn't bare to delete all their hard work.
I own this blog, therefore, this is my decision alone.

Please continue to enjoy the fabulous creations.
If you see a kit you like,
try looking for it at one of the stores listed above.
Odds are, you'll find it there.

Thank you so much for Following us.
It's been our pleasure to share our best with you.

Just Me,
Savage ~ Former CT Manager at SPU


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