Wednesday, August 7, 2013


For this Tutorial I am using the work of
If using these tubes make sure you have the proper licenses.

Scrap kit “Sandra's Enchanted Fairyland” was PTU by "Jenny's Designz”

Use Mask of choice
The Mask I am using is Mask0139SophisticatSimone
Also using SimoneAni337
you can get these at “Scrappy Bit Of Fun”

You will need Filters

Lets get started …

Open New Image 800 x 800 color : White.
Open your tube if you have a background for your tube highlight it
Copy – paste as new layer.

Layers – Load/Save Mask -Load Mask From Disk

Layers – Merge – Merge Group

Drop Shadow
V & H : 2
Opacity: 75%
Blur: 3

Open Dust copy – paste as new layer
Resize 75%
Merge down

Open Flower Doddle copy – paste below mask
Same Drop Shadow
Merge Down

Highlight mask
Open grass copy – paste as new layer
Duplicate mirror
Merge Down

Add your Tube resize if you need to,
I resized mine 75%

Now new layer and add you copyright info. and your name.
Merge visible

Resize your tag I resized mine to 500 x 500
Adjust – Sharpen

Close out tube,
Merge Visible
Highlight background

Open your Animation Shop
Copy background as new Animation
Duplicate to 11 frames

Open SimoneAni337
Resize 90%

Animation – Cull Animation

Remove 1 frame from every 2 making it to be only 11 frames

Select All Copy Crtl+A+C

Highlight your background frames
Select All Paste Crtl+A+E

Now back to your PSP copy your tube
Copy tube as new Animation
Duplicate to 11 frames
Select All Copy Crtl+A+C

Highlight your background Frames
Select All Paste Crtl+A+E

Would love to see your results.




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